How do I use the 501tech Service Desk? 




501tech operates a Service Desk in order to provide the best possible support to our clients. The Service Desk allows the caller two options. Option #1 allows the caller to enter a ticket number in order to talk to the tech assigned to the ticket. Option #2 allows the caller to speak with a tech for assistance before they have opened a ticket.  



In order to maintain the security of our clients’ IT environments, callers must meet the following criteria before 501tech staff are able to assist. If these criteria cannot be met by the caller, 501tech will provide direction on how to remedy the situation so that they can call back in at another time and obtain assistance.   


The caller must have a 501tech helpdesk account. If the caller does not have a helpdesk account, they will need to work with their supervisor or HR contact to have one created. When one of our clients’ hires new staff, they are supposed to open a “New Employee Account Creation” ticket which results in a helpdesk account being created.  

The caller must be able to verify their identity by either knowing their passphrase or by being reachable via the office number stored in their helpdesk profile. If the caller identity cannot be verified by one of these methods, 501tech staff cannot to assist the caller. 501tech staff will provide the caller with direction and/or documentation that will allow them to update their profile so that their identity can be verified on their next call. 



The Service Desk is open Monday through Friday from 8:15am until 4:45pm. We are closed for New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  



501tech responds to emergency issues via our emergency line which is answered 7x24x365. So that non-emergency issues are not reported via the emergency line, this phone number is only provided to agency leadership and the 501tech client liaison. If you have an emergency issue but do not have the number, please contact your leadership or the 501tech liaison for your organization.  






Clients may contact the Service Desk as follows: 


Call the support line at (918) 591-2448. 


If you have already created a ticket, select option #1. At any time after the greeting begins, you can enter your five digit ticket number (you must enter exactly five digits, do not enter the “SR” or “INC-“). Press the pound key (#) after entering your ticket number. 

If you entered a valid ticket number and the ticket is still in open status, your call will be routed to the tech assigned to the ticket.  

If you entered an invalid ticket number, or a ticket number which has been previously closed, you will hear a message asking you to either re-enter the ticket number or hang up and re-check the status of your ticket.  

If the tech assigned to your ticket is unavailable, you will be able to leave a voicemail which will be immediately delivered to the team member’s email inbox. Please note that a detailed voicemail inevitably results in a quicker resolution of your issue. Your call will in most cases be returned within two business hours. After leaving your message, your issue can be resolved more quickly if you are available when our tech returns your call. 


If you have not already created a ticket but need assistance, select option #2. Calls will be answered in the order they are received. There may be times when demand is high and we are not be able to get to all calls. In these cases callers may wait up to ten minutes at which point they will be asked to call at a later time.