How do I open a ticket when I have a technical issue or need?


501tech transacts all non-emergency support requests through a ticketing system (provided by FreshService). Opening a ticket is a simple and quick exercise (typically less than two minutes).

1. Point your browser to

  • OR, point your browser to and skip to step 3 below.

2. Click on the GREY ticket icon in the upper right hand corner (as seen in illustration A below).

3. Click on the SIGN IN link in the upper right hand corner (as seen in illustration B below).

4. Enter your full work email address and the password you established when you activated your account (as seen in illustration c below). Click on the BLUE LOGIN button. Please note that you must have activated your account before you can open a ticket. When we set you up in the help desk initially, you received an account activation email with directions for finalizing setup. If you do not believe your account has been setup, please contact the 501tech liaison for your organization and have them open a New Employee or Create Account ticket for you.

  • IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO LOGIN because your password is not working, click on the RED “forgot your password?” button. 
  • Enter your full work email address. Click on the BLUE “Reset my password” button.  
  • You will receive an email with directions for resetting your password. Follow those directions and then return to step 4 above entering your full work email address and the new password you established.  
  • IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY LOCKED OUT OF YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT because you have forgotten your password and/or your password has expired, please contact the 501tech liaison for your organization and have them open a Password Reset ticket for you. Return to step 4 above once you have regained access to your account and click on the RED “forgot your password” button.

5. You will now see the home page for our help desk (as seen in illustration D below).

6. The help desk home page allows you to interact with the 501tech team.

  • Click on “Your Tickets” to view your open tickets as well as tickets previously closed. Please note that your organization has designated certain staff members as 501tech liaisons who can view all open and previously closed tickets for your entire organization.  
  • Click on “Request New Service” if all aspects of your current IT environment are working normally but you need to make a change. Examples include loading new software or upgrading existing software, adding a new employee, requesting a quote on new hardware, deploying new hardware, etc.  
  • Click on “Report an Incident” if you are having a technical issue of any kind. Use this option when some element of your current environment is not working as intended.

7. When you have submitted your ticket you will receive an automated email response indicating that we have received your ticket. This email will contain your ticket number. Depending on the circumstances, 501tech staff will contact you via email or phone (we maintain your office and mobile numbers to facilitate dialogue). Please note that we do not allow inbound calls from clients to our staff so it is important that you make every effort to be available when our staff attempts to contact you via phone or email.

For more information on how to get the most out of your interactions with 501tech, please see FAQ-004N How Do I Get The Most From 501tech Support.